Frequently Asked Questions

What if my name or other custom text is too long for the data field?

No problem! Enter the text you want exactly the way you want it, and your graphic designer will develop a custom solution to the challenge. Of course, you may also consider using a different card design that features larger text entry areas.

Is there a minimum image size to upload photos?

While there is no minimum size for uploading to the photo tray, each individual product has a unique minimum image size depending on the size and orientation of the image space. Generally speaking, images should be 500kb (.5MB) in size at a minimum.

Is there a minimum quantity order?

Yes. All cards, except Playdate Calling Cards, are offered in quantities of 25 pieces. Playdate Calling Cards have a minimum order of 100 pieces and are offered in units of 25 pieces thereafter.

Why can’t I customize a particular line of text on my selected card?

Some type, font ligatures, and ornaments require specific keystrokes that the general user wouldn’t know. If you would like a line of text customized to another word (for example, “Cheers” to “Happy Holidays”) please add the desired change in the “Special Instructions” box before you sign off on it. Our designers will happily make this change, and you will see it reflected in your digital file when it is sent to you as well as on your printed card order.

Do my cards come with envelopes?

Yes, all flat and folded card orders include mailing envelopes at no additional charge. Extra envelopes can be shipped with your order for an additional fee.

Do my cards come with return address labels?

Yes, all flat and folded card orders include coordinating return address labels at no additional charge.  We’ll send you 30 labels for every 25 cards you order.

What are my shipping options?

We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada. All orders ship USPS Priority Mail. We charge a flat $5.00 shipping per order, regardless of size.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we ship to addresses in the United States and Canada only.

Can you make a custom design for me?

Sorry, at this time we are not offering entirely custom card design services.

How long does it take to receive my cards?

Not long at all! From the moment you place your order, the average delivery time to your door in the continental United States is about 3 or 4 business days. For Alaska and Hawaii residents, the delivery time is about 4 or 5 business days. For Canada residents, the USPS will get your package to CanadaPost in about 3 or 4 business days, and we have no control over the speed at which CanadaPost will deliver your order.

Is there much color variation during the printing process?

Littlestar print colors are exacting and precisely controlled. That said, no two computer monitors will render color the same. The prints you receive will invariably show some degree of color variance versus what you see on your computer display. If precise color information is important to you, please contact us and we can provide Pantone information for your card design.